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Are you a migrant looking for job opportunities in the Pomerania market? If yes, then you are in the right place!
Pomerania is known for its openness, diversity and multicultural society. Keeping with the spirit of the region, we at Live more. Pomerania believe that giving migrants access to work opportunities in the region is the best way for them to integrate and flourish.
Apply here with your resume and we will work with the labour office to get it noticed by different companies in the region.
If you are trained in IT, then please click here (http://www.jobs.livemorepomerania.com) to check out the IT profiles.
Don’t hesitate, this is your chance!


Like manufacturing, business services, production, logistics and others
With lots of other people from different countries and from Poland
You may start small, but Pomerania is a land of opportunity, so if you are dedicated and determined to grow, you will.


Be motivated to excel at what you do and be enthusiastic about taking on challenges
Ability to learn and a passion to work hard and grow fast.
Basic logic and language skills. Ability to work with your hands and assess situations to ensure safety


Competitive salaries
Paperwork support
Employment Contract
Career advancement opportunities
Multicultural teams
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According to research, experts and managers declared Tricity the third most attractive relocation destination in Poland.

87% of employees from the Tricity deem their working conditions and environment to be good, while 61% of employees indicated the Tricity as the best place to settle in Poland.

If that ain’t enough, we have been voted as the 33rd best city in the world in the LivCom survey in terms of sustainability and standards of living.
The salaries in the Pomeranian Region are among the highest in the country. The average salary in 2019 was 5315.22 PLN, making them the third-highest in Poland after the Mazovian, Silesian and Lower Silesian regions. This is particularly significant as the cost of living is low and the standard of living in Pomerania is higher than in other places.
The region is booming and jobs abound! The low unemployment rate ensures that the region is in constant need of talented professionals to fuel its growth!
Pomerania has one of the most positive work-life balance in the world!

The Tricity is the perfect balance between the conveniences of living in a major metropolis and the cosiness of a close-knit community.

73,7% of people consider themselves happy or very happy with life in the Pomeranian Region, which makes us the happiest region of Poland!

86% of people believe that the quality of life in the Tricity is good, and, we are not the only ones saying it. A recent survey done by Numbeo on quality of life vs cost of living ranked the Tricity as the 33 best cities in Europe and 88 in the world!

Personally we think it's all because of the beaches.
If you love nature, then you are going to love Pomerania!

From forests with great hiking trails, hills to climb, sand dunes and breathtaking beaches to skiing slopes, the Tricity has it all!

If you want, you can even venture out of the Tricity and make your way to Kaszubia and enjoy the amazing Kashubian Lake District with breathtaking lakes that lie 149 to 216 metres above sea level.
The Tricity has excellent connections to the rest of Europe and beyond in terms of flight, ferry and bus connections to other cities in Poland and Europe. The Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport is the 3rd largest airport in Poland, and connects the Tricity to over 60 destinations within Poland and the EU and many international destinations too!

We are also well connected by ferries and cruises to over 10 destinations within the EU and of course, Polski Bus and the PKP Intercity connects you to the rest of Poland and other parts of the EU.

True to its history, the Tricity is a crossroad for those who love to travel and explore.

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